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What are the best metaverse games?

Metaverse, introduced by Meta, has made gamers super excited about the in-game features it offers. You can play, battle, attend concerts, go to famous exhibitions and somehow live like the real world and more importantly earn money by playing! Aren’t you curious about this world-cracking technology? Stay with us to know more about the best metaverse games.

Axie Infinity

Best Metaverse Games

It’s an NFT-based game in which players can customize some Pokemon-like characters in order to battle with other players and earn the native token of the network called Axie to improvise their avatars whether to continue battling the others or selling it as an NFT in Axie Infinity NFT marketplace. For starting the game you may need to buy 3 Axies. But that is the obstacle everybody complains about because that would be pricey for beginners. The developers of Axie Infinity have developed a wallet called Ronin for in-game purchases.

My Neighbor Alice

This is a team based game with the main purpose of building constructions and trading Lands for good. This game is more close to the real world which makes the players be able to farm and make money by that. Users are able to trade their digital assets; no matter if it’s a condominium or a plant. Players can customize their personal avatar and use them in game. Lands would be represented as NFT tokens in your wallet and every in-game transaction would be made by the network native token called $ALICE.

Best Metaverse Games


Sandbox is the third most famous metaverse game by market cap. It’s an open-world game similar to My Neighbor Alice. Members by spending the native token $SANDBOX can buy and sell digital assets in the game. This game is based on Ethereum Blockchain. 

Some intriguing Features of Sandbox:

  • Game Maker: It enables the members to create 3D games and have in-game transactions.
  • Vox Edit: With this software, members are able to create NFTs and trade them for good in Sandbox NFT marketplace.
  • Marketplace: As mentioned above, all the transactions needed to continue the game happens in Sandbox Marketplace where players are able to trade NFTs.

Best Metaverse Games


Fortnite is one the most popular games among crypto lovers with different game modes. It has simplified the game for every flavor; even if you love battling monsters or trading Lands, Fortnite provides that for you. You can play Fortnite on every device. 


Minecraft has two modes, Survival Mode and Creative Mode. In Survival mode you must defend yourself from the enemies in the game by creating the houses and tools. In Creative mode, like other metaverse games, you can buy and sell Lands by customizing them for good. 


This game is blockchain based and has some great features. This game can be introduced as a symbol for metaverse games. Members in this game can buy LANDS and -like Minecraft- make some changes and try to customize the LANDs to uniquify them. So they would be able to sell them as NFT tokens. 

Last Words

Metaverse games are beyond conventional games; because users are able to earn money by playing and trading lands or better say live like a real world. 

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