What is Metaverse? Metaverse meaning explained

It’s been a year since Facebook transformed to Meta, The change that happened due to focus on Metaverse. From the official metaverse introduction, nobody hasn’t been able to clarify metaverse except Zuckerburg.

Meta is busy developing a virtual world called Meta that includes some applications (called DApps) that are mostly games (not necessarily) which the players are able to live in like a real world.

With all the worlds said, still it seems perplexing. But don’t worry! Bonti is here to simplify Metaverse. Stay with us.

What is Metaverse?

From the newborn startups to big companies, all are complaining about the blurring meaning of Metaverse. There’s a belief that the confusion comes by the defective meaning of metaverse. For instance, in 1970, the time of internet invention, Nobody could imagine this amount of progress the internet has faced today.

There is a vast economical purpose behind metaverse idea. It is incontestable that Meta has invented metaverse for people only experiencing a virtual world not for grands. But it’s not only Facebook that is interested in selling digital assets. So what metaverse can provide us?

Generally, Metaverse is a virtual world which allows the users to do and live like the real world by their avatars. Metaverse itself doesn’t have a single meaning but it represents the definition of a virtual world.

Metaverse does not go to sleep while you close your laptop, it still lives while you don’t play! Yes, it’s a virtual real world-like universe. But the point is that using metaverse doesn’t need any VR or AR. Simply by a phone or a computer you can enter the metaverse.

Most of the companies that joined metaverse are into develop their business into the digital world which allows the users to create, sell and buy digital assets from each other or the big companies. Even NFTs play a great role in metaverse. From avatar building to upgrading your lands NFTs are the main need.

Is metaverse the future?

جهان متاورس

You may say everything mentioned above is right now happening in some games like Fortnite or World of Warcraft. Even in Fortnite you can put on your headphones and live in your house like a real world, have in-game purchases and even attend concerts and exhibitions. But Is metaverse only for playing games?

How to enter Metaverse?

It’s not complicated at all. By using some application like instagram or posting a tweet in twitter you have entered the internet (better say using the internet).

There is no certain place or platform specifically called metaverse for you to enter. Imagine you are in the middle of Times Square and want to enter New York. Metaverse as we said is a virtual world that some games and platforms represent that and are based in metaverse.

What is a metaverse coin?

تعریف متاورس

As said above, You may need to have some transactions in metaverse. There would come Cryptos and NFTs. Each platform that connects you to this virtual world has its own native token used for in-game (or better say in-app) transactions.

What is LAND in Metaverse?

One of the most intriguing features of metaverse is the ability to buy LANDs. LANDs are virtual lands in metaverse which people can buy and sell them like the real world and build their own condominium in it with whatever the form is.

There are platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland available which let you find and buy your favorite LAND in metaverse by spending the crypto needed to.

Last words

According to Mark Zuckerburg, Meta Ceo, 5 to 10 years still is needed to represent the complete version of Metaverse. So if the definition is not crystal clear yet, is not because of metaverse inefficiency, that’s because it has not developed completely.

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