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What is DNA NFT? 

DNA NFT is a leading front technology that will tokenize the human genome by providing 3200 non-fungible tokens. These tokens are designed decentrally for economical purposes and are known as the major part of BIOMetaverse.

The next generation of the internet called Internet-Metaverse is a combination of VR, AR, Artificial Intelligence, and connecting to a fast internet like 5G which the main focus is to provide a better environment with more online efficiency.

The main reason for developing the metaverse was to make virtual reality more touchable by making the users experience new things by staying in their real world using some hardware.

What is BIOmetaverse?

BIOmetaverse is still known as a newborn technology that hasn’t been completely developed. However, it has had a great impact on healthcare organizations. After the pandemic happened in 2020, most of the scientists were in thought of a new way of controlling diseases outside of the labs.

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DforScience3 is a technology-leading company working as an educational communicative enterprise busy creating medical animations for more health awareness for society, announced that they have launched DNAverse. DNAverse is the first project that has tokenized users’ DNA as NFTs.

These tokens are built atop the inspiration of crucial body proteins which 200 of these NFTs are Cryptoproteins and 3000 thousand of them are  DNApasses. Reportedly by science magazine in 2021, this project will lead the metaverse into a genetic-based one.

How DNA tokens are built?

“Our mission is to repeat life and make a new way to develop human life in the metaverse by keeping the essence of life and connecting the soul to a virtual world that will be a combination of a natural and artistic universe” David Torrico the DforScience 3 art manager said.

By the NFT popularity and the virtual avatars, some of the active users in these virtual worlds are willing to tokenize their genetics. This will help the users to have an real unique avatar in a virtual world.

All people’s genetic information are unique, secure and most importantly stay unknown and will be kept by an authorized lab. This would be an advantage for DNAverse that they can deploy these genetic information cryptographically on blockchain.

DforScience3 History

DforScience3 is established in 2012 which provides technological solutions in healthcare industry.

The DNA Token is the world’s first NFT art collection customized with real DNA data, built as a functional business model and launched on BIOmetaverse.

Is it possible to sell DNA NFT?

At first you must know that the whole ownership over your DNA NFT is yours. However, there is no regulations avoiding any person selling their own DNA NFT.

But if a pharmaceutical company buys your DNA NFT, you can earn a great interest over sharing your DNA information for study cases. But the point is that sharing your DNA information doesn’t mean giving the whole ownership to the company, they will be only allowed to have their researches. Overally, you’ve only sold the research authority of the DNA to the company but still the whole ownership on the blockchain is yours.

Last Words

The whole world of ownership over one’s assets has been totally affected efficiently by the advent of blockchain and NFTs especially digital art. One of the most famous ones that has grabbed people’s attention is DNA NFT which has been customized by DforScience3.

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