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 Sandbox platform; A complete guide to Sandbox

It seemed impossible at first that blockchain could overtake all the conventional financial systems and becomes the leader. It was hard to accept that all the systems can be run on blockchain without a third party involved and there would be members only to manage the whole network. But these days it has become fashionable for the companies to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Generally, Cryptocurrencies are a new secure model of digital currencies that offer faster, cheaper and more secure transactions without middlemen like central banks or financial institutions.

Another revolutionary movement by blockchain was NFT which made an enormous impact on the unique ownership over one’s assets especially digital assets. But the Ace of heart flipped all of a sudden by blockchain was metaverse and the metaverse platform like Sandbox. So with all said, What is Sandbox?

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a metaverse game providing a virtual world where players can trade, build, sell and buy their digital assets on Ethereum Blockchain. Even it has even prepared a condition in which players would be rewarded by its native token called $SAND by playing games. But what is the idea behind Sandbox?

Sebastia Borget and Arthur Madrid, came up with the idea of a virtual world where players could earn money through games in 2011. Furthermore, they made the best out of the situation by creating Sandbox on blockchain when it was not popular enough.

What is Sandbox game?

At first Sandbox was a 2D game where players were pixelated. But these days players play in a 3D virtual world with great natural lighting and shadows. In 2021, Sandbox published an alpha version where using NFTs became available for the players.

What is Sandbox

Sandbox raised up to 93 million dollars up to now for its future expansion plans. According to the features it offers, Sandbox has a great bright future.

Sandbox is based on “In game money making” which allows the players to be rewarded by $SAND by their activities they have with the avatars they’ve made and mint them as NFTs.

How to enter Sandbox?

There are no limitations for entering this metaverse platform. Only a few steps must be taken:

At first you must have a wallet charged with $SAND and connect it to Sandbox platform. The best wallet for this purpose is MetaMask.

After entering the platform, You must build your avatar to play in this virtual world. Customizing the avatar is completely in your hands. There are a lot of features provided to build your avatar as close to yourself as it can be.

Built your character? Fine! The whole Sandbox universe would be shown to you in a 2D map where you can see available parcels to buy. Also you would be able to buy adjacent parcels to have your own community.

What is Sandbox

Metaverse contains lands where other players have bought their own parcels and built condominiums or in general whatever can be built there.

By spending time in the game and doing some activities you would be rewarded by Sandbox native token $SAND that can be used to purchase digital assets or mint your NFT.

What is $SAND and how does it work?

$SAND is the native token of Sandbox used for various transactions like sell and buy lands, pay to artists for their NFTs and rewards to developers.

The total $SAND supplied is 3 billion tokens with approximately 680,260,194 in circulation.

Last Word

In this article we tried to explain Sandbox platform from different aspects. Right now one of the most popular metaverse platforms is Sandbox with a lot of intriguing features it offers. Experts say Sandbox is the future but still how it’s going to be the future, is not clear.

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